Count the kicks

What is Count the Kicks?

Count the Kicks is a stillbirth prevention public health campaign that encourages expectant parents to track their baby’s movements daily during the third trimester of pregnancy and contact their healthcare provider right away if there is a change in what’s normal for their baby.

Why Count the Kicks?

Counting your baby’s kicks (and jabs and rolls!) is important because a change in movement in the third trimester is often the earliest sign of distress in a baby. When moms know what is normal for their baby, then they are more alert to potential red flags. We frequently hear from moms whose babies were saved because they noticed a change in their baby’s movement pattern and alerted their healthcare provider.

Iowa’s stillbirth rate dropped 26% in 5 years thanks to this campaign! There are approximately 62 stillbirth deaths in North Dakota each year. If North Dakota experiences the same reduction as Iowa, we could potentially save 18 babies a year!

How Do I Get Started?

Starting in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, begin counting.

          1. Track your baby’s movements with the FREE Count the Kicks! app or download a Count the Kicks chart at
          2. Count the kicks every day – preferably at the same time.
          3. After a few days, you will see a pattern for your baby – how long it takes your baby to get to 10 movements.
          4. Call your provider right away if you notice a change in how long it takes your baby to get to 10 movements.