Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Walsh County Job Development Authority is to promote existing businesses and to facilitate business expansions, as well as encourage new ideas and ventures that lead to job creation and increased incomes. This economic development includes enhancing human capital, developing community infrastructure, and promoting business development.


The Organization: 

The Walsh County Job Development Authority (WCJDA) was formed in March 1988 through the efforts of community leaders and the Walsh County Commission. Funding for the organization comes largely from a county mill levy, and has expanded to include funds from loan repayments and grants from other entities. Resources primarily fund direct loans, interest buydowns, feasibility studies, and matching grants for businesses and community development projects. This includes regional efforts across Region 4 – Walsh, Pembina, Nelson and Grand Forks counties.


The Walsh County JDA focuses its efforts on economic and community development in Walsh County. The JDA works with individuals and local organizations to enhance economic/community development, assists entrepreneurs in Walsh County, identifies and coordinates financing of business start-ups and expansions from different public and private funding sources, and compiles information on communities, commercial buildings, and prospective businesses.


The organization is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Walsh County Commission. Board members and officers are elected according to requirements in the North Dakota Century Code specific to Job Development Authorities. The 12 members of the Board of Directors serve on staggered three-year terms or until their successors are duly qualified. The Board of Directors also oversees the operations of the WCJDA, monitors staff performance, and evaluates its investments in projects. The Board makes the final decisions on applications for funding.


An JDA application can be found by clicking this link:

WCJDA Application for Funds

Current JDA Board Members and Representation

  • Julie Gemmill, Chair, Member at Large (2026)
  • Greg Young, Vice Chair, City Government Over 500 Population (2025)
  • Jeane Flaten, Member at Large (2025)
  • Terri Gorder, Member at Large (2026)
  • Kyle Halvorson, City Government Over 500 Population (2026)
  • Mary Houdek, ND Job Service (2025)
  • Evan Koenig, City Government Under 500 Population (2024)
  • Lucas Kelley, City Government Over 500 Population (2025)
  • Dennis Markusen, Township Officer (2026)
  • Jeff Moen, Township Officer (2024)
  • Karen Anderson, Walsh County Commission (2024)
  • Amy Suda, Walsh County Commission (2025)
  • Julie Byron, Member at Large/Non-Voting (2025)

JDA Board AGENDAS & Meeting Minutes