Emergency Preparedness

Walsh County Health District (WCHD) works in conjunction with the Emergency Preparedness and Response Section of the North Dakota Health and Human Services to create and promote a state of readiness and prompt response to protect the health of Walsh County residents during catastrophic events, large scale disasters and emergencies. We accomplish our mission by coordinating education, assessment, planning, response and support services involving public health providers, private medical providers, public safety agencies and government officials.

Programs Include

  •  Health Alert Network:  The NDHAN network is a source site for current information about health emergencies in North Dakota and across the US as applicable.  The State site is located at
  • Public Health Preparedness:  An all hazards emergency preparedness planning and coordination for Walsh County.  Examples include Pandemics, Response to agents of bioterrorism, etc.  The state site is located at: Emergency Preparedness and Response Section – North Dakota Department of Health 
  • Public Health Emergency Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp: PHEVR/MRC is a statewide secure database of credentialed healthcare professionals and others who are interested in volunteering in an emergency.  Click on PHEVR/MRC for more information.
  • ND Response