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New Recording Fees

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County Courthouse – 2nd Floor

600 Cooper Avenue
Grafton, ND 58237
(701) 352-2380
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Yvette Moe




Official Duties
The Recorder’s duties as stated in the NDCC, shall keep a full and true record, in proper books or other storage media provided for that purpose, of each patent, deed, mortgage, bill of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree, lien, certificate of sale, and other instrument required to be filed or admitted to record, if the person offering the instrument for filing or recording pays to the recorder the fees provided by law for the filing or recording. The Recorder also processes passport applications, files wills for safekeeping, issues marriage licenses and performs marriage ceremonies.


Document Requirements – this page linked to a page that has two links on it for which are Pre-Recording Checklist and Fees.




Pre=Recording Checklist Page Contents:
Pre-Recording Checklist




Font size equal to or larger than ten point Calibri unless form was issued by a government agency.





  • Document must be Original or Certified Copy
  • One-inch Margin on top, bottom, left, or right of each page
  • of instrument.
  • Three-inch Margin across the top of the first page (see New
  • Recording Fees)
  • All dates filled in
  • Adequate County Legal Description
  • All Signatures must be Original Handwritten
  • Acknowledgement(s)
  • Acknowledgments for all signatories
  • Notary’s Seal(s) (ND notary seal must be surrounded by border, if not, must also have embossed seal on document)
  • State filled in
  • County filled in
  • Date of acknowledgement filled in
  • Name(s) of signatory appear in acknowledgment (as having appeared before the Notary Public)
  • Expiration Date of Notary’s commission
  • Notary’s handwritten original Signature
  • ND Notary’s Place of notarization was in North Dakota (ND Notary’s notarial act outside of ND)

DEEDS – Additional Requirements


  1. Statement of Full Consideration (not required on a deed covering minerals only)
  2. Auditor’s Transfer Stamp & Seal (not required on a deed covering minerals only)
  3. Post Office address for Grantee(s)
  4. Name & address of Drafter on a Deed or Contract for Deed, executed 01/01/2000 or after or any instrument executed or acknowledged outside the state, containing a metes and bounds legal description

MORTGAGES – Additional Requirements

  1. Post-Office Address of the Mortgagee(s)
  2. Post-Office Address of the Assignee(s)

Fee’s Page Contains:
$20.00 for documents with one (1) to six (6) pages
$65.00 for documents with seven (7) to twenty five (25) pages
$3.00 per page for any additional page over 25


No 3-inch margin across the top of the first page, the recorder
shall add a page, and an additional page charge must be levied
according to the fee structure if going from 6 to 7 pages, or
over 25 pages (see New Recording Fees)


No 1-inch margin on top, bottom, left or right side of EACH page add an additional $10.00.


More than ten(10) sections of land “listed” ($1.00 per section after the first ten (10) listed).


Related BOOK/PAGE or DOCUMENT # of prior recorded document: $3.00 for each additional Book/Page or Document # referenced after the first 10 Book/Page or Document #.


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