Children and family services

Walsh County Social Services goal is to promote child safety, permanency and well-being and to provide assistance and support to families. The following services are provided by, or under the supervision of, Licensed Social Workers.



Child Abuse & Neglect Assessments

Provides for the review and assessment of allegations which relate to suspected child abuse or neglect and determines if a family is in need of services. The outcome of these assessments may require families to participate in services.



Child Care Licensing and Self Declaration Childcare Provider Registration:
Provides ongoing monitoring and completion of licensing studies for child care homes/facilities and provides assistance with Self Declaration childcare provider applications.



* All individuals caring for more than four (4) infants or six (6) unrelated children must be licensed or registered in the State of North Dakota. Licensing requires minimal standards for care and the physical environment of where the care is occurring.



Children’s Special Health Services

Medical assistance program for children under the age of 21 years who have a qualifying medical condition and who meet income guidelines




Childcare assistance program for unmarried minor parent to enable them to complete their high school education


Family Case Management:
A service which offers support and assistance to families with children in out-of-home placement or may be at risk out-of-home placement. Service plans are developed based on family members identified needs. Services may be provided through collaboration with various agencies. Participation in services may be voluntary or involuntary, i.e. ordered by the Court.


Family Foster Care Licensing:
A process of recruiting, assessing, licensing and training of adult individuals or couples to provide substitute care to a minor child under the order of the court.



Foster Care – Child Placement:

An out of home placement process for children between the ages of birth and 18 years in which the Juvenile court has ordered the child/children’s Care, Custody, and Control be placed with Walsh County Social Services for purposes of removal from their current home and placement in an alternative setting until a permanent plan is developed. Placement options may include Relative, Foster, Residential Care or another appropriate setting.



Home Studies

The process of assessing a home to determine appropriateness for placement of a specific child or children who are under the jurisdiction of the court


Information and Referral:
Assistance is provided regarding resources in the area such as employment or training, housing, transportation, senior services, legal, financial, medical, mental health services, or other public/private human service partners.


Interstate Compact Services:
A service permitting families and children to receive services from Walsh County Social Services on behalf of another state. It also permits Walsh County Social Services to request services for families from another state.


Prime Time

Short-term Childcare assistance payment program for licensed child care for children who are at risk of out of home placement


Safety & Permanency Funds A financial resource which may assist in helping to cover necessities to prevent out of home placement of a child/children or promote the reunification back into the family. Other avenues of payment for these services must be not available to the family to be eligible to this assistance.


Subsidized Adoption:
A program designed to provide financial and/or medical assistance to families who adopt special needs children with the goal of eliminating barriers to adoption and to bring permanency to children.


Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect



Application to Provide Family Foster Care