Appealing your Assessment

If you feel that your property assessment is excessive and does not represent its True and Full Value, you may ask for relief.

You should contact your assessor immediately and ask that your assessment be reviewed.

If you and the assessor cannot agree on a property assessment, then you may appeal it in one of two ways: #1: If the current year valuation is the issue, then you may appeal it before the various Equalization Board meeting. In order to be heard before the State Board of Equalization you must have appeared before the Local and County Boards of Equalization OR #2: You may file abatement on your property for current and previous year’s relief. You must file by November 1st of the year following the year the tax became delinquent. For example, you must file by November 1, 2024 for the 2022 assessment.

In either case, the burden of proof falls upon the applicant to show that the valuation is incorrect. Therefore, the applicant would need to present information showing that the assessment is not correct.