New or expanding business projects may be granted exemption for up to five years. Please contact your assessor or the Walsh County Tax Director’s office for additional information.

Certain new single family residences may be exempt up to $150,000 in value for two years if approved by the respective city.

Homes owned and occupied by persons who are blind or disabled may be eligible for exemption

Charitable, religious and certain non-profit organization property may be entitled to an exemption.

Farm structures are generally exempt. Farm residences occupied by full-time farmers are also exempt however, they are subject to additional tests.

This list does not include all of the exemptions. Most exemptions are listed in NDCC 57-02. Please contact your local assessor or the Walsh County Tax Director for additional information and application form. Additional information is available at State Tax Department’s Web Site. Click here to visit the North Dakota Tax Commissioner’s Website.

You can find applicable forms by clicking here.