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Hearing Aids through the Department of Veterans Affairs


Questions revolving around hearing aids are among the most common items that advocates discuss with veterans. The souring costs of assistive hearing devices over time has rendered some veterans incapable of being able to afford the cost. In an attempt to try and make this process clear the main question that needs to be answered is: As veterans who can get hearing aids and what does that process look like?


The best starting place for veterans to get hearing aids provided to them is through their VA healthcare provider. Veterans who are enrolled in the VA healthcare system can go to their primary care physician at VA clinic or VA medical center and ask to get a referral to audiology for hearing aids. The doctor will probably have your ears cleaned and then if necessary they can provide a recommendation to have you go to Fargo to start the process of testing of your hearing.


The next option for veterans is for those veterans that are service connected at 0% or above for a hearing condition or 10% or above for any condition. These veterans can receive hearing aids from the VA directly. Those service connected veterans do not need a referral and can call and schedule themselves for an appointment through the Fargo VA audiology.


The last resort for veterans is through a grant program that the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs has to provide hearing aids to veterans with low income. This grant program is available to all veterans that qualify based off of their financial situation.


The Walsh County Veterans Service Office remains dedicated to assisting veterans with this process and providing information and guidance to you and your dependents. Please reach out and make your appointment with the Walsh County Veterans Service Office. Thank you for your service.

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