Cvso services

What a County Veteran Service Can Do For You

  • The County and Tribal Veterans Service Officer advises local veterans and their dependents of their rights and entitlements under various federal and state laws, counsels them, and actively assists them by filling out necessary forms and papers and obtaining documents and affidavits.
  • Work is generated through inquiries concerning veterans’ benefits or through action of the service officer in seeking out those who need and may be entitled to assistance.
  • The work is complex and exacting due to the numerous state and federal laws involved and the regulations by which they are administered. These laws cover many and varied benefits including compensation, pension, insurance, death benefits, hospitalization and education.
  • These services are provided at no charge to the Veterans and their dependents.

Documentation needed to support a claim for Service-Connected Disability Compensation:

  • DD Form 214 (Discharge Paper – Issued at the time of separation)
  • Service Medical Records (Outpatient), dental records, entrance and separation examination reports
  • Inpatient Hospitalization Records (private or military)
  • Private Outpatient Medical Records (if applicable)
  • Personnel File
  • Line of Duty (LOD) investigation reports
  • Overseas or Temporary Duty (Travel) Order

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