Weed control board

The detection, reduction and elimination of noxious weeds remain an effort in our county. Weeds declared noxious shall be confined to weeds that are difficult to control, easily spread, and injurious to public health, crops, livestock, land, or other property. It is written in the ND Century Code that “each person shall do all things necessary and protect to control the spread of noxious weeds.”


The Walsh County Weed Board is responsible to implement a program for the control of noxious weeds along county and township roads and along county highways. The weed board currently hires a contractor to maintain this responsibility based on bids.


The County operates under a five member Weed Board appointed by the County Commission. A Walsh County Commissioner also sits on the board and the Weed Control Officer is responsible for the daily activities of the County.


ND Dept of Ag – Noxious Weed Program
ND Weed Control Association

Brent Nelson
Weed Control Officer


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