landowner assistance program

The Walsh County Weed Board has allocated funds to assist landowners with the cost of treatment, on private non-cropland, for the control of noxious weeds. Funds are available in the form of cost share, based on actual chemical and application costs at a rate of 80% to a maximum of $1,500.00 per landowner. Cost share reimbursements will occur after November 1. In the event that the total requests exceed the allocated amount the Weed Board reserves the right to prorate the allocations, based on the available dollars.

Reimbursement requests can be submitted anytime following application, but must be submitted prior to November 1 , 2023 for consideration. Cost-Share reimbursements will occur after this date.

Landowners/Operators will need to provide:
* Copy of the chemical purchase receipt
* Copy of application receipt
* Legal description of the land
* FSA map with weed infestation area outlined
* Acreage and list of noxious weeds controlled

If total reimbursement applications exceed Weed Board budgeted amount ($20,000 for 2023) all reimbursements will be prorated.

In order to qualify for cost share chemical applications must be made utilizing the rates and products identified in the “2023 NDSU North Dakota Weed Control Guide” to control the noxious weed you have identified as the targeted weed. The weed control guide is available online at or through the NDSU Extension Office in Park River.

For more information or comments on the program, contact Brent Nelson, Weed Control Officer at (701) 352-2311.

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